Here at Beauty Reviews NG, we have a burning passion for all things beauty and are always in search of beauty products and services that will make us feel and look more beautiful.

The Nigerian beauty scene has grown in leaps and bounds with a slew of beauty businesses springing up by the day. People are a lot more interested in all things beauty; from skincare to hair, makeup and beauty services in general. Bearing this in mind, we felt the need to create this platform for fellow beauty enthusiasts to converge with the aim of reading and leaving reviews of their favourite Nigerian branded products, and also their favourite International brands.

Beauty treatments and services are also not left out as it is imperative to represent all areas of beauty. So, before you buy that beauty product that has been on your wish-list, why not stop by to read a review, and if a product you used has been amazing or not, you could leave a review to help a fellow beauty enthusiast make an informed decision on whether they need to buy or pass.

Our founder felt a strong need to create this platform after dealing with acne and hyperpigmentation for decades. She got introduced to a bunch of products that she would have never come across if not for reading reviews on the internet. Now in her 30s, anti-ageing products and treatments have automatically become her primary interests.


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