Our hands serve us a great deal on a daily basis. Our day to day activities involves using our hands to do one thing or the other. But then do we show our beloved hands all the love it deserves? The truth is that a lot of people are heavily into self-care, doing the most with their face and body (as should be), but forgetting to show their hands enough love.

In actual fact you should show your hands as much love as you do your face because dry and dehydrated hands don’t look nice, they look wrinkly and ashy. I really don’t think there’s anyone that wants a glowing face with wrinkly hands. Where am I going with this? Moisturise! Moisturise!! Moisturise!!! And exfoliate too!!!

Always moisturise your hands after washing them with soap, and always ensure that you protect your hands with gloves when handling harsh chemicals and hot water. Make sure to have a hand cream in your bag at all times.

If you don’t mind having your hands look like they are being prepared for marination, apply a generous amount of your hand moisturiser, oils or butters making sure to massage properly and then wrap your hands with cling film at night. If the marinated hands look isn’t your thing, then wear gloves instead. If you can leave it overnight that will be absolutely fab! Do this regularly and with time you’ll start to notice how supple your hands have become.

Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your hands when you’re out and about.