My review:

I am a sucker for vitamin C serums and my skincare routine is incomplete without it. Even though I sort of have my staple vitamin C serum, the product junkie in me urges me to try other brands. I have been on a quest to try some Nigerian branded beauty products and sought to find a vitamin C serum I could try.

After doing some research, I whittled my options down to 2 and finally decided on CookieSkin Active Bright VitC + Arbutin, Hyaluronic Acid. Okay, so these line up of ingredients sound perfect, right? I honestly couldn’t resist it even though I thought it was a bit pricey, well… based on the prices of the others I had enquired about.

So let’s get into the deets of this serum, shall, we?


This serum is formulated with active ingredients aimed at brightening and evening out the skin thanks to the addition of ascorbic acid (which is vitamin c in it’s most potent form) and arbutin; it is also formulated with hyaluronic acid which helps with anti-ageing and promotes moisture.


The serum comes in a transparent glass dropper bottle and is protected by external packaging. Total content is 1.oz. I was a little disappointed with the transparent glass bottle as vitamin C serums are better protected in dark bottles as this helps to slow down oxidation and protect it from damaging effects of light. (A good tip is to keep the serum in a dark place, and well away from light to keep it stable for longer.)
The percentage of vitamin c is also not stated, so if you wanted a higher concentration (20%) or a lower concentration (10%), you wouldn’t be able to tell.


Having used this serum for over a month, I haven’t noticed all of the results I get from the use of vitamin c serum, maybe a slight brightening of the skin, but then I use other products that help with brightening alongside it. One thing I must mention is that it is non-comedogenic as I haven’t had breakouts from using this product. This product is non-greasy and dries quickly, but I like to wait for about 10-15 minutes to ensure the product is fully absorbed into my skin before following up with the next step in my skincare regimen. I also wasn’t a fan of the smell, but I guess that’s personal preference.

Photo Credit: CookieSkin’s website