I tried the Glow bar by Orma Sincare and it was a delightful experience.

In reality, I personally have a love-hate relationship with bar soaps for random reasons that I can’t really explain right now but for some cosmic reason I genuinely had a good time using this one. 


Glow Bar by Orma Skincare.

Made in Nigeria.


This glow bar claims to

•Moisturize and clean the skin

•Achieve glowing skin

•Fades dark spots and scars

•Aids in the healing of other skin condition.


  This rich glob of creamy fragrance, high-lather, moisturizing bliss has literally made me take a break from my depths of beauty-bottle madness, I love liquid soaps, don’t judge me.

The ingredient list for this glow bar is short, pronounceable, and missing any of the usual drying suspects.

This Glow bar appears coldprocessed, meaning that the integrity of its listed  ingredients is still intact. This soap is definitely  one for the lather addicts, although rather than a big bubbly mess you’ll get a luxuriously creamy lather thanks to the dominating effect of shea butter , the African black soap , palm kernel, coconut oil and the miracle of undiluted honey.

  This one is one-third shea butter, plus a few non-drying powerhouse ingredients to combat microbes and bad bacteria. It gives the squeaky clean skin effect that most soap only dream of.


•Foams well


•It doesn’t sting nor does it cause any skin breakouts.

•It is very gentle

•Full ingredients list is given on the packaging.

•For all skin types.


•The texture is a bit thick for a facial soap bar.
•It is drying and doesn’t really moisturize your face. So use a moisturizer afterwards. 

PRICE: 4,400NG

WHERE TO FIND:  www.ormaskincare.com  or check out their Instagram page @ormaskincare for more enquires and product range.

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