Here is something interesting .

An actual NIGERIAN BASED VEGAN beauty product, guess who went ballistic? Me. Partly because well I am Vegan and I was unnecessarily excited to try out this particular product because who wouldn’t?

     So this product couldn’t have surfaced at a better time. I changed location recently and in a bid to actually settle down and adjust I totally got so swamped that i ignored my skincare routine .

Which isn’t really much by the way , just enough to protect my skin from sun damage and contact allergies really.

So long story short I got sunburned on both sides of my face close to my eye area.

   I actually invest in really good SPF creams but I get terrible skin reactions from unfamiliar products so I just settle with Serums in mini drop bottles and they help.

   Now this Product was mighty exciting to try I used it religiously for about a week and well let me just say I may have a new addition to the bubblegum Skin team.

PRODUCT NAME :MARACUJA Oil by Organiclife plus

Made in Nigeria .


   This face oil promises to reduce and prevent acne. Fades acne scars, treats blemishes and inflammation. Penetrates the skin and prevents moisture loss, making it excellent for anti-aging. Contains lycopene which is beneficial for treating sun damage. It also relieves and prevents itching . Relieves stress and anxiety.


   This oil calmed my senses the smell is so soothing, smells a lot like castor oil but with a zing so i think it falls under the same family and it reduced the visibility of my sunburn a little , partly because I haven’t been using it for long , what I am mighty grateful for is the part where it really does help with itching.

    So I get terrible contact and product allergies. Contact is mainly an environmental factor thing , so it could be a particle in the air or a foreign body and usually I take anti-allergy pills or just suffer through the hive phase. Honestly I tried this oil because I was too lazy to reach for my anti-allergy pills at the moment. I originally just wanted to treat my sunburn with this but I am just going to save this for my random hiving episodes because well it worked.


  The Maracuja oil by organic plus comes in a 30ML press bottle green packaging  with a silver-Ish open cap.

   The see through packaging allows you to see the remaining product inside the bottle and the cap shuts tightly to avoid any leakage.

The oil comes colorless and smells like a soothing doze of passion fruit  which gives it a very relaxing  fragrance .

It has a gel like consistency which helps it spread easily on the skin.



•Deeply Moisturizes the skin

•It doesn’t sting nor does it cause any skin breakouts.

•It is very gentle

•It is quite effective in preventing pimples

•It is hypoallergenic and is free from harmful chemicals.

•Full ingredients list is given on the packaging.

•For all skin types.

•Soothing Smell


•The oil is not so light on my skin.

•Shelf life is not included on the bottle. 


Press a sizable amount on your palm and rub in circular motion until absorbed.

PRICE: 4,830NG


check out their Instagram page @organiclifeplus for more enquires and product range.

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