Who doesn’t love a good #SelfCare day?  Taking a dip in a steaming tub filled with calming bath salts at the end of a stressful day is one of my favorite Indulgence and one of my favorite Shops right now,  which I have also considered my 3rd home , provides me with the luxury to choose between two really amazing bath salts.

Product Name : Energy of fruits Bath salt.

Available in : Grapefruit and SweetOrange .


 This energy of fruits line of bath salts are a great luxury product made in Japan and are infused with both grapefruit and orange fragrances which is incredibly calming and commonly used in aromatherapy.


These bath salts are sure to have an amazing soothing effect while simultaneously clearing your mind and your senses.

My honest Review:

   I am obsessed with Asian beauty products for unknown reasons. However , I  will be completely honest, So this bath salt is really pretty to look at and the smell is beyond amazing,really affordable and it comes in a 250g tub and the salt grains are so sparkly. So here are the Pros and cons.

•It dissolves so well

•The water temperature is adjustable   

•Natural way to cleanse your body

•Negative ions in the salt have myriad health benefits

•Fresh and fruity smell

•Very Mild, the possibility of an allergic reaction is quite low.


•Grains of salt is a bit too large 

•Packaging does not say how long salts last

•Packaging does not list out all the ingredients used except in Numbers like PEG-8 , FD&C Yelp NO.6 and not everyone understand these terms.

•Packaging does not say if it is tested on animals or not

•The scent doesn’t last long

How to use: Add 30grams of bath salt into 200 liters of bath water and enjoy baths for 10-20mins.

Price: 990NG

Where to Find: At most Miniso Outlets in shoprite 

Disclaimer : Miniso is not available in every state in Nigeria  yet , even more so, some shops are smaller than others so you may not find at your own outlet.

Instagram Shop: @Thepd.shop ( they sort for items at retail prices so they can get it for you if you want to get from  directly  )

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