This serum is loaded with a lot of powerful antioxidants that help slow down the ageing of the skin, and also skin-loving ingredients such as vitamin E, ferulic acid and glutathione; its other ingredients include Sea Kelp Bioferment and Oat Beta Glucan of 20%. As with all other highly effective Vitamin C serums, it has a low pH (2.0) which means that it can penetrate your skin. In spite of the high acidity due to the low pH, there is no risk of irritation as they have formulated the serum with Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which makes it safe for all skin types.

NCN Professional Skincare’s vitamin C serum is offered in an air-tight, dark bottle that keeps the serum protected from UV rays. A bottle contains 1.3 oz. (very generous quantity).

My thoughts and review

I like to always include a vitamin C serum in my skincare regimen as I feel like my skin suffers from dullness when I don’t use it. This serum ticks all the boxes for me as far as vitamin C serums go. The addition of other effective ingredients such as ferulic acid, glutathione and vitamin E is an added bonus as these boost its effectiveness and also contribute to its stability.

I love that it’s in a dark container that helps protect it from light, thereby preventing oxidisation. It also comes with a dropper, and I use a few drops on my face, neck and throat in the morning. I would say it lasts around 3 months.

I’ve used 3 bottles of this vitamin C serum, and I can’t help but gush over the results I have from using it. This serum gives my skin a glow! It also helps with brightening my skin and fading dark marks. My skin didn’t get any irritations or breakouts from its use.

It is recommended to use within 6 months, so I order a new one just when I’m almost running out. This way it stays fresh for the time I’ll be using it. I always keep it in a dark place, mostly my wardrobe to ensure it’s not exposed to light and heat.

Photo credit: NCN Professional Skincare’s website