Hello sensitive skin crew! This is for you.

The skin on my face is sensitive, so I am a bit careful of what I use on my face. So recently I suffered from acne breakouts, it was bad. I resorted to prescription from my doctor as nothing else worked. My face needed moisturising as the medications made my face dry, one that wouldn’t cause me anymore problems.   That was when I reached out for the BSN antioxidant shine face cream by bare skin naturals, a Nigerian brand, I tried on carefully … lol.
It worked!. No breakouts, no rashes, no redness, just moisture.

The cream came in a 50ml jar(this has now been changed) yellow in colour, with no particular smell. It is really light and goes on beautifully on the skin, a little goes a long way so it is  good for the budget. It gave my face a matte finish and didn’t feel heavy. I was able to still  use my sunscreen on top of it and it still didn’t feel heavy. At night, I added a bit of rosehip oil to make it more moisturising for night time. I enjoyed using this cream, it was just what my skin needed at that time.


The ingredients in this face cream as seen on packaging includes : Grape seed oil, Mango extract, Myrhh essential oil, Papaya extract, Geranium essential oil.