What really is Henna?

Henna is traditionally called ‘Lalle’ in Nigeria, and it refers to the temporary staining of the skin using the Henna plant. The Henna plant is made into a paste that is used to draw intricate designs on the desired parts of the body especially the hands and legs. After drawing the patterns on the desired part of the body, the Henna is left to set before it is washed off. If you want it to last long on your skin then leave it to set for a long time before washing it off because the longer it sets the better as this ensures that the Henna sets deep into the skin.

Take care

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to do a patch test on an inconspicuous part of the body for about 24 hours before getting it fully done. Taking this precaution helps to rule out any possible allergic reaction. Also, make sure you get it done from an expert as you want to be sure that they know what they are doing and that they are using the right mixture on your skin. Better safe than sorry!

In the past, Henna was common to Hausa women who used it to draw delicate patterns on their hands and legs  (fingers and toes inclusive), and they used a variety of colours such as red, black and orange. In more recent times, Henna has become a fashion statement, and it isn’t found on only local Hausa women anymore. It has been embraced by women from different cultures, class and pedigree giving the wearer a certain edgy look. Also, people that love tattoos but can’t imagine getting inked opt for Henna because it is temporary and they won’t need to endure any pain to get it done.

Loved by Celebrities

There is a huge Henna trend among Nigerian celebrities in recent times. Quite a number of them proudly show off their beautiful Henna designs. Some opt for elaborate designs while some others opt for more subtle variations.

We have selected five Celebrities that have been sporting the look lately:

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @moabudu

Photo Credit: Instagram/@sharonooja

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @lauraikeji

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @lilianesoro

Photo Credit: Instagram/ @tokemakinwa

We hope these beautiful images give you some inspiration for your first or next Henna design. Please leave a comment if you have ever got Henna Art on your body, or if you intend to.

Stay beautiful.