What exactly is glass skin?

Glass skin is a term born out of Korean skincare to refer to skin so smooth and luminous that it reflects light like glass.

Ever since Korean skincare/routine became a thing, beauty enthusiasts the world over have tried to implement the steps into their routine. Reason: most of us want to achieve that ‘glass skin’ that just glows in a blinding way. But not everyone has the time and patience to do all of these steps as it could be a bit time-consuming. So, how else do you achieve that glass-like skin you’ve been longing for without following that rigorous 10-step skincare routine that has become synonymous with K-Beauty?

According to Dr Ifeoma Ejikeme of Adonai Clinic in London, you can achieve glass skin by considering these three tips:

Eliminate texture

For you to have glass skin, you need to have a really smooth base- no lumps or bumps on the skin.

The best way to eliminate texture is by using retinol-based products, or some other products that are good at retexturing the skin. The use of such products helps to remove things like Millia and enlarged pores, while also smoothening the skin. Bear in mind though that not all retinol products are the same, you would need to use a super effective one. Also, your skin needs to be in a good place to have retinol on it.

Have an even skin tone

An even skin tone is another factor to consider if you want to have glass skin. This way, your skin is reflective the same way from all angles.

The types of products that help to achieve even skin-tone are tyrosinase inhibitors. These are the products that help balance and blend the pigments in the skin and they can be used safely on all skin types.

Overall glow

If you are serious about having glass skin, your skin needs to be reflective and glowy, not shiny, but glowy from inside out.

The best way to get your skin to glow from the inside is from treatments such as dermaplaning- this helps remove the upper layers of the skin, which then eliminates bumps and roughness on the skin. This will help create a smooth surface that will make your skin glow. The reason why a treatment like dermaplaning helps is that after getting rid of dead skin cells, your skin is left with healthier skin cells that you can feed and nourish.

There you go, guys. I hope you implement these and achieve that glass-like skin you’ve been longing for.