Velvet turbans seem to be of a distant memory as silk headwraps have taken over. Silk headwraps are all the rage right now, and we have seen many beautiful images that have us sold.  Note that we are not talking silk with prints, but just plain old raw silk in different lush colours.

So, why silk headwraps?

Silk is regarded as the ‘Queen of Fabrics’ with its lush appearance and opulent feel. It is a natural protein fibre that is produced by silkworms. The luxurious look and feel of silk instantly give the wearer a classy look when worn in any form.

Apart from the fact that these silk head wraps look good, they are also great for keeping your hair looking smooth and moisturised.

You can dress it up or down

The silk head wraps can be worn casually when you are in-between hairstyles and you still want to look presentable and well put together. It will immediately update your look for that casual slay.

It can also be used to tie in your look when you are going full-glam and don’t want to tie a proper ‘gele.’ With a full face beat and the right accessories, you’ll be sure to make a fashion statement for your next ‘owambe’ slay.

Now to the fun part, we bring you five glam looks featuring silk headwraps:

Photo Credit: Instagram/makeupbyashabee

Photo Credit: Instagram/peaceibadinmua

Photo Credit: Instagram/tennycoco

Photo Credit: Instagram/oshewabeauty

Photo Credit: Instagram/ariyikemua

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