Natural hair is the new ‘cool’ as more people are embracing their tight curls/coils. It’s such a departure from how people were labelled  ‘SU’, or deeper life back in the day. Majority of ladies just got relaxers because they felt they had to, and simply because relaxed hair was presumed to be more manageable.

The huge naturalista movement in Nigeria started thanks to enlightenment and awareness. People had access to information on how to manage their tight coils, and simply how to grow their natural hair. Some people also had bad experiences from using relaxers and were literally scarred by relaxers.

It did take a while for hair stylists to realise that people were making a conscious and intentional decision to keep their hair in its natural state. These stylists would tell you to your face that they couldn’t work with your nappy hair and try to coax you into getting a relaxer. Some ladies would get so frustrated and yield to the hairstylist’s pressure because they found their unmanageable and hairstylists didn’t want to touch their hair till it was relaxed.

However, in the past decade or so, hair salons catering to natural hair have sprung up. Hair products designed for natural hair have also become more accessible, and people are loving their natural hair more than ever before. If you are considering going natural for whatever reason, then go for it.

Some natural salons that cater to natural hair in Lagos are:

  • O’Naturals Natural Hair Salon
  • Tasala HQ
  • Yellow Sisi Hair Salon
  • Hairitage Hub

Now to the fun part! We bring you nine gorgeous Nigerian celebrities that have beautiful and well-groomed natural hair.

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