BM PRO Gilly Flower Lipstain

When trying this lip product, like every other I have tried, I based my review on four points:

1) Colour Intensity: Does the lipstick colour transfer on my lips just as it looks in the tube?

2) Moisture: Does this lipstick hydrate my lips or leave them looking and feeling dry and cracked?

3) Resilience: How often will I need to touch up this lipstick? Is it long-lasting?

4) Pliability and Wear: Does this product spread comfortably onto my lips without being so creamy that it bleeds through the lip line?

Let’s find out.

My Honest Review:

    Ordinarily, I never go for extremely vibrant colours. I just go nude and play around with deep chocolate shades every now and then, and when I want to be adventurous, I flirt with Red or pink.

This lipstain’s shade surprised me so much that I did a double-take. Looking at the colour in the tube, I thought it would be a MISS. Turns out, it ended up being a new favourite once I got around to blending it and making an Ombre hue.  In the tube it looked like it would be dryer than the other lip products I have tried in the same shade and that it would transfer as a flat purple on my lips. Oh, let me just say, boy, was I wrong! So, let me break it down.

Pliability and Wear:

This lip product went on smoothly. It seemed to remain true to its colour in the tube when applied to the lips, in the sense that the colour transferred to exactly what I was looking at in the tube. Once applied, it was a deep purplish pink colour. Though I’m not a fan of that crusty/dry finish that rubbish matte lippies typically leave you with, I was a bit disarmed by the slip and slide on my face. Will it dry? Doesn’t feel like it. Is it all over the mouth of my reusable water bottle half an hour after manic blotting? Yes, indeed it is. Regardless it felt really smooth and remained true to its colour and I think that is a win.


   I had to touch up twice during the day, though it was only after eating meals. I had a sizeable amount of Pizza and then I went on to having cake and a whole lot of random fruits. Let me quickly state that it doesn’t seem to fade very much on its own without something physically pulling it off. The staying power of this lipstain is intense. I had to rub off with a cloth to fully remove it at the end of the day.

Color Intensity:

    First of all shout out to GILLY FLOWER, this Vibrant shade is hella Vibrant. This is truly a statement color! All you girls that love bold pops of colour should check it out.

If hot pink, baby pink and fuchsia had a baby I am pretty sure GILLY FLOWER would be born with a lilac Undertone.

    This raspberry Purple is a great shade vibrant enough to make a statement however it did clash with my skin tone so I had to reduce its intensity by adding a bit of burgundy and going for an ombré look. Although the colour is great, I did find I had to apply the lipstick quite a few times at first to get the full effect and as a result, it took ages to dry not something you’d expect from a matte lipstick. Once applied (and dried), to my surprise the lipstick stayed on all day.


So often times this is the part that intrigues me I expect my lipstick to have a creamy formula that helps to keep my lips looking hydrated and does not bleed through the lip line. It pains me to say that my dear Gilly flower doesn’t have this fomula , it left my lips dried however just stick with your favorite lipgloss or balm and you would be fine .

Disclosure: I did prime my lips with MAC Prep & Prime and “To the beautiful you” scrub and moisturizing Serum after I removed the lipstick at night because I needed to keep my lips hydrated but I do that for any lipstick I wear.

Where to find:

Price: 8,000NG

Online store: @bmpromakeup I.g

Thank you for Reading.

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