Adesua Etomi’s Vogue Cover has had everyone ‘oohing’ and ‘aahing’ and reminding us of how much talent Nigeria boasts of. We can’t gush over Adesua’s Vogue cover without mentioning another lady that has exported her craft on a massive global platform.

In case you missed it, Adesua’s makeup for Vogue April 2019 cover was done by a Nigerian Makeup Artist, Tito Ibeleme of T.A’la Mode Beauty.

Our editor had a chat with her about her experience working on this project and more.


Congratulations on your recent achievement. Vogue Cover, wow that’s huge!

Thank you very much. Yes, it is Hugeeee!!!!

How did you feel when Adesua told you about the project?

I was in shock for a minute and was really excited for her.

Have you always done her makeup?

 Yes, I have. I’ve been her Makeup Artist for four years now.

What was the experience like working on such a high profile project?

It was an amazing and learning experience for me. We’ve always heard of Vogue, seen their amazing covers but to be part of it, is just mind-blowing. I am truly humbled by it all.

How did you manage to keep it a secret because I’m sure you must have been itching to share the news with people, or did you reveal the details to anyone?

Keeping it a secret wasn’t a problem because I knew it was going to come out with a BANG. My family members all knew about it and were also told not to share until the cover came out. I was just looking forward to the month of March with so much excitement.

Adesua must have worked with other Makeup Artists in the past, why do you think she chose you to do this project?

Yes, she has worked with some other Makeup Artist in the past, but I am her Makeup Artist and have been for years, so it was really an easy decision for her to make.

Adesua’a Makeup in the Vogue cover was quite subtle and demure, is that the brief you were given?

That’s the look they wanted for the cover.

 How long have you worked as a Makeup Artist?

I’ve worked as a Makeup Artist for seven years.

Why did you choose this Profession?

I chose this profession because it’s something I love and am very passionate about.

If you weren’t working as a Makeup Artist, what other job would you have considered?

I would have probably worked in an office. I have two degrees: A BSc in Insurance and Actuarial Science and an MSc in Economics.

Do you have your own line of makeup products?

No, I don’t have any makeup line.

What is the signature look your clients know you for?

My signature look will be more of an enhancement and not a total change of what my clients already look like. I love very clean makeup looks.

Finally, any future projects you would like to spill?

Nothing I will like to share, but the possibilities are limitless. I’m incredibly grateful to God for this platform.

Photo Credit: Tito Ibeleme