This year’s Met Gala has come and gone, with this year’s theme being: ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’. The theme draws inspiration from Susan Sontag’s essay written in 1964 with the title: ‘Notes on Camp’. The stars turned out in various head turning and dramatic looks, which have still got us talking. One celebrity that made a resounding statement that has got us going ‘ooh and aah’ is Ciara.


The award-winning music artiste and mother of two shut it down with her double afro buns that she wore for her first look that night. Her hair was expertly styled into two giant buns, and her edges were laid to the gods; this was before she let all that hair down -in true Rapunzel fashion-  for the evening. Both looks drove her fans on social media into a frenzy.


Now to the fun part

We’ve already seen some recreations of her double bun and we must say that these ladies nailed the look.

Here are some of the recreated looks by two beauty bloggers and a bonus one by Toke Makinwa, who is currently rocking a wearable version of the hair.

Whitney Madueke did her take on Ciara’s double bun by inserting clip ins to achieve the exaggerated double bun look.

Photo Credit: Whitney Madueke

Watch how she achieved the hairstyle in the video below:

Shalom Black also nailed the hairstyle by employing sheer creativity and ingenuity. She literally had to build the base hair that the puffs were attached to.

Photo Credit: Shalom Blac

You need to watch the video to know what we are talking about. A big kudos to her!

Toke Makinwa also caught the double bun bug, and she has been seen rocking the hairstyle while out and about. She is killing the heck out of this hairstyle while also taking a break from her signature straight and long weaves.

Photo Credit: Toke Makinwa

Afro puff/buns were already a thing before Ciara rocked them at the Met Gala, but she’s just made them super cool and totally trendy. Will this be your next hairstyle? Leave a comment below.