This bar of soap is lush. It boasts of natural moisturising and anti-ageing ingredients such as black pepper oil, turmeric, eucalyptus oil, coconut oil and shea butter. It also contains 18 other spices and herbs, oils and butters that the company have not added to the ingredient list.


I use this soap on my body, and I’ve done so for about four weeks. The soap has quite a fresh and woody aroma (owing to the presence of eucalyptus oil), it lathers well, and I get a tingly feeling when I wash my body with it. I really didn’t know what to expect with this soap, but I bought it because I was intrigued by the ingredients especially black pepper and turmeric. To be honest, I am pleasantly surprised with some of the results I’ve noticed, some of which are: a refined feel to my skin, reduction of my bacne and a gradual fading of existing spots.

For an oil-based soap, it is quite sturdy, and it has lasted longer than I imagined it would although I wish the bar of soap were bigger.
The packaging of this soap leaves a little to be desired as it only comes wrapped in plastic wrap and has no outer box to keep it protected e.g. when there’s a need to travel with it. Other than that, I love the line-up of ingredients and the results I’ve got from using it so far.